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Thread: Baclofen Pump - Removal Surgery

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    Baclofen Pump - Removal Surgery

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently living with a turned off baclofen pump in my belly... It has pretty much disappeared under my ever growing gut, actually...

    I tried the pump at various settings for the better part of 5 years. Unfortunately, it has never really done any good for me. ...

    So... I'm wondering if it will do any harm leaving it in long term as a non-functional object...? I'm not a big fan of unnecessary surgeries ... Is this removal surgery necessary?

    Thanks so much in advance!


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    If you are sure you are not going to use it ever again....I would recommend contacting the Medtronics vendor in your area about what the manufacturer recommends. Most people who have them removed is because they are infected. Any type of surgery leaves you prone to infection and complications. Get all the information you can before making a decision. Good luck.


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    I have mine in been off since 2009

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