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Thread: Power chair batteries

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    Power chair batteries

    I have an Invacair ttdx4 tthat I'm looking to sell but the batteries are no good oon it. Is there a place I can pick up some batteries real cheap? I think I read somewhere that Marine batteries would work..
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    Any pair of the same 12 volt batteries will work, if you want to confirm its a working chair. But you really should have Gel or glass mat type if you intend on charging in the house or taking any plane trips.

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    RYbread, I totally agree with Rusty, cheap batteries are just that CHEAP ! Not dependable for any real use. It's sort of like using gas in your care that "MIGHT" have water in it. Yeah Marine batteries can be used, but don't be caught using them in commercial airlines, they are spillable. If they spill in an airliner in the cargo hold, the acid can drip onto the aluminum of the fuselage and cause a drastic air frame failure. If you sella chair with such batteries and the next owner does use it illegally "YOU" may be held as the responsible person.
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    IMHO I'd just list chair as batteries need replaced. If you selling it you problably just want rid of it. No real point in wasting money on it hoping for a sale.

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    I agree with Mike, for a good pair of batteries (MK group 24) you're looking at close to $600.00.

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    I agree with MikeP. List it as batteries needed. Let the decision of cheap or longer lasting batteries up to the buyer.
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    I agree with Mike as well.

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    I agree too, list the chair as "batteries needed". You wouldn't want the person who gets the chair let down because of bad batteries.

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    It's up to the airlines to determine if the battery is safe for travel. You can't be held responsible if you sell it blah blah blah. If you want to place good batteries that aren't the price of a chair, go to wal mart and get a pair of marine deep cycles that will fit. I use them in my chairs. I can't afford 600 bucks for a pair of batteries. You can get a pair for anywhere from 59 to 89 each depending if they are on sale or not, measure the batts that are in there b4 ya go. I posted this story somewhere with pictures recently. The group 24s I use normally, I have a pair of UH-1? that are lawnmower batts, 20 bux each. I use them in my Bounder Hframe plus with the largest motors they make tilt n lift. Indoors for working as I have work to do to keep the belts from coming off outside. Just tell the buyer what type you have in it and about airplane restrictions so he won't be walking into it blind. I had no idea about that restriction in 99. Had to fly to the pen, while I was in, my batts died and had to replace them. Sister in law asked b4 she bought, knowing I had to fly home in a year or two and got MKs. Some folks never get on planes and do not have to worry about it. I'd get 40 bucks worth of uh1s and space with wood or something so they don't slide around. Tell the dude he needs batteries. Save your money. pics in this post

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    When I lived in Jakarta we used those 12V dry cell battery made for the emergency flood lights above the exit doors in public buildings. They worked real well in our motorcycles. They have a 12-AH rating, and they only cost us $10.oo. Besides all that it lasted us an entire year before we needed to replace it.

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