Perfect. 77 & have never needed any medication. No high blood pressure. No cholestrol issues. 10-20% overweight last 20 years. Always active. Rock climbing. Back packing. White water canoeing, mostly this for last 20 years.Still, since 50 not as active, so going to gym twice a week.

4 years ago T7-C1 collapsed, so injured spinal cord such that paralyzed waist down & weak from waist up. Emergency surgery saved me. Within a month walking with one cane.

Slow but steady improvement since, even now. About a month ago I realized I had not used my cane all morning. This had never happened before. Is my spinal cord still repairing itself? Naturally, I hope so. If it is, how can I hurry it along??? (Short of knocking a few decades off!!)

Thank you,

Dennis Seekins