Today is the 62nd anniversary of my accident on a trampoline (aka ?quad maker?). There is still a little life left in me. As I slow down to ease the aches and pains, more of my time is eaten up just doing ADLs. I do manage to find time to mentor a few med students which I truly enjoy. I have worked with young people throughout my career. Hanging out with them has helped to keep me feeling and acting a couple of decades younger than my age, soon to be 79. It has taken a lot of patience, persistence, practice, and of course, pain to keep wheeling this long. Above all is my loving wife who serves as the ultimate motivator. On the darkest days she makes my life worthwhile.

My wife and I will be observing the occasion by going out to dinner this evening. Nothing fancy. We will likely head to Longhorns where I have the staff well trained. They know where to seat us and to cut my steak before bringing it to the table. It makes dinning out quite pleasant. I will end the day with a toast to all those who have helped to keep me moving.