I am having a laparoscopic procedure to remove my uterus and one of my ovaries. I am wondering how I should do my bowel prep the couple of days before. They said clear liquids the day before surgery and two feet enema the night before. Will this be sufficient bowel prep? I usually have my bowel program in the mornings. I am a bit concerned that being on clear liquids I will not have a good morning routine and then all day clear liquids I may not have anything move through in the evening with the fleet enema. I am then worried that the morning of the procedure I will have a bowel accident. The last time I went in, for Botox for bladder, I had an accident right before my procedure. Any suggestions on how I should clear my bowel before surgery?

And then of course my program is going to be off so there is the whole, how to get back to a normal bowel routine after surgery.