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Thread: Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery-recovery questions

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    Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery-recovery questions

    I am having Carpal Tunnel Release surgery in about 2 weeks and I am trying to figure out exactly how much assistance I am going to need after the surgery with transfers. I am a T5 para. From what I have been able to find doing my research looks like most people say they are doing well with BP and ISC within a few days. I have not been able to find much on transfers. I am thinking I could use a sliding board to transfer from chair to bed and visa versa. I will be using a power chair and have an indwelling cath for the first week or so. I am married to a para and have 2 kids (8 & 14) who can help some, but not lift me. Don't have other help, unless I hire an in home care provider. I appreciate any info that will help me be the most informed I can be. TIA!

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    Hi Julie- I don't know the answer to your question, I'm not a good candidate for more surgery so I have been exploring alternate methods
    for pain due to SCI overuse nerve/muscle/skeletal problems. I have a C-5 incomplete SCI injury from 1970, was a walking quad until @1996.
    I have many pain and functional issues from decades of uneven muscle overuse and resulting skeletal misalignment.
    In August I began twice weekly treatments with a massage therapist who uses bodywork techniques developed by therapist Erik Dalton.
    It's a form of massage that's less painful than Rolfing, but which has similar goals- to address muscles affected by
    from overuse, poor postural alignment, or lack of range of motion, and to stimulate better blood flow and nerve function within and around trapped
    tissue. I can't speak for anyone else or for any other types of SCI injury, but I've had significant pain relief in my neck, shoulders, arms & hands (including carpal tunnel issues) hips, knees, legs, and feet since having this type of massage therapy. If you haven't tried something like this, you might first want to
    see if you can achieve sufficient structural and functional improvement in this way instead of surgically. You can view several Dalton method videoclips of carpal tunnel treatment on youtube. Of course the therapist will need to know about your SCI and adapt the techniques as necc. for medical massage protocols.
    Here's a list of therapists in Missouri certified in these techniques:
    Not all massage therapists are equally skilled, you may want to try more than one. Good luck, whatever course you choose.
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    Te key is to not mess up your surgery. What does the surgeon say? In terms of activity post op. That determines a lot bsed on your activity. Talk to the surgeon or the surgeon's assistant i.e. NP/ PA


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