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Thread: looking for advice re: recent hospitalization for UTI but now also having low O2 sat

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    looking for advice re: recent hospitalization for UTI but now also having low O2 sat

    my brother is a C-4 quad now 34 yrs s/p injury. He'd been cruising along doing pretty well for 3 decades but in recent years has been getting really wiped out physically and emotionally. Last year, he finally agreed to a SP cath placement as he was holding on to way too much urine and the procedure went well. Took him a few months to adjust to the new tube, etc. Bladder has been good up until last week. He hadn't been sleeping well for a few weeks, lots of insomnia. A few nights he couldn't sleep at all. Started feeling really weak and finally felt so weak on Monday morning that he couldn't sit up in his chair. Admitted to hospital for presumed bladder infection. Started on IV antibiotics. bladder likely colonized but culture grew some bad bugs so has been on abx through the week in hospital. has good appetite, no fever. Normal blood pressure and pulse. But they found that his oxygen status on room air was going down to low 80s on his second night in hospital. Started him on nasal cannula O2 and he felt better, O2 back up to normal. But now they are seeing that whenever he's off nasal O2 his sat drops back down.
    He continues to feel really week with or without O2. he feels he doesn't have strength to get up into his chair (this is very unlike him). The doc has just now decided to run pulmonary function tests. Chest XRAY normal. no other results yet.
    I don't think the team at his small town hospital seems to know how to deal with issues related to SCI patients or at least not with my brother who is so far out from injury (Nurses didn't do bowel care for him for 3+days! and no one bathed him or helped him brush his teeth for 3 days!) I'm worried they may not have a clue of the most important things to rule out (or rule in as the case may be)...
    What should we be making sure we get assessed?
    I'm thinking increased chest wall/Diaphragmatic muscle atrophy?
    Problems related to longstanding scoliosis?
    Any thoughts, recommendations?
    And...he's going to need to go to a good rehab after hospital discharge b/c he is so very weak right now... any recommendations in Upstate NY area would be greatly appreciated.
    I am so worried about him. Would appreciate any thoughts, advice, recommendations.
    many thanks

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    Probably several factors- pulmonary, cardiac, infection, aging. Acute rehab requires 3 hours of therapy and he most likely would need to go to an Long term care acute facility that treats medical condition with some therapy. Cwo

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