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Thread: Spinal cord regeneration after tumor

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    Spinal cord regeneration after tumor

    Hi everione! I'm new here, and though i was paralysed in 2008, all this time i was waiting for a miracle. Years passed, nothing changed, and now i want to work on myself, get better and more independence. I'm 23 yo from Ukraine, and in my coutry there are almost no medical hope for people like us. Outdated technologies, lazy doctors...
    In 2005, i felt something wrong with my legs. I began walk slowly, didn't feel anything. It was a spinal cord tumor, called hemangioblastoma. We made a surgery, but doctors missed a level of tumor, and after 3 years i couldn't walk. We made another syrgery, removed tumour, but my spinal cord was damaged, not broken. It was on Th4 level. Below it, i don't feel. Also, i have syringomyelia.
    And right now i want to change something. Maybe there are some experimental treatment? I'm ready to work, but i don't know whom to ask. Sorry for my english, it is hard to describe my medical problem properly.

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    Hi Vlad. You did good in joining the CareCure forum and don't worry your English is okay. Stay close and you'll get to learn a few things that you might be interested in.

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