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Thread: airplane cushion?

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    airplane cushion?

    What do you guys use for a cushion on an airplane? I took my roho on my last flight and had to let most of the air out of it mid flight due to it expanding I thought it was gonna explode.

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    I used to bring a cushion cover from an old throwaway cushion that was only about an inch or two thick. I put the gel pad from my Jay2 cushion into it. So, that's what I sat on, basically a Jay gel pad, without the foam base. It worked well, since the airline set is already, basically, a foam base.
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    I use my ROHO. You have to monitor in flight and let air out. Once on ground again, I re inflate to proper pressure.

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    I use my Roho and never had problems with pressure (no need to adjust). If you do, just adjust as necessary. It's best to use on plane whatever cushion you on your chair so you can keep the cushion with you. Risky to leave any movable or misc parts on your chair.

    I've done as Kulea on other seats too, car/ski etc., especially good when you need min/mod protection.

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    Lots of people use their regular wheelchair cushions, including Rohos. It is well known though that with an air cushion that you will need to let air out of the cushion before coming to full altitude, and reinflate again when you get to the ground again. Most airplane passenger cabins are only pressurized to the equivalent of about 7500 ft.


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    We have a Supracor Stimulite Silver Cushion that we use while traveling. We use it in the airplane and in the car and also as a shower cushion on the portable shower chair. It's only 1.5", so not maximum protection, but works well enough when on another cushion or for short duration in the shower.
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    I fly with a Trulife Relax gel+foam cushion. They make gel+air ones too. Be good if they had a valve to regulate gauge pressure.

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