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    Quote Originally Posted by trekker6 View Post
    I make my own kefir, fill a mason with milk and put the grains in, leave it on the counter for 24 hours, strain it and reuse the grains for the next batch. I eat some of the grains, cause they grow too fast, they have the texture of gummies.
    No comparison to the commercial stuff, the homemade is much better.

    If you are interested look up the kefir lady in the internet, she has lots of info, you can even make cheese with the kefir.
    I love this and am going to look into it.
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    I make my own with raw milk. I blend a banana in the kefir instead of adding sugar. If you are getting adverse reactions to the store bought stuff, maybe there is some lactose in it. Because kefir grains are a culture that consume lactose and create probiotics, the longer you let it ferment the less lactose there will be and more probiotics there will be. You can let it ferment extra long at home to get all the lactose out. It's a simple process. Aside from the advertised benefits, kefir is so full of nutrition and filling that it can replace your breakfast if you want to lose weight. The benefits are many. It helps me to tolerate gluten much better.

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