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Thread: Problem with Surface Pro 3

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    Problem with Surface Pro 3

    H have a Surface Pro 3 and am having a problem with using some of the apps that came with the tablet. Apps that do not work are the Microsoft Store, and the camera. I have gone to the Microsoft help site and did everything that got suggested and got nowhere in fixing the problem.

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    SNAFU is the normal state of Microsoft. Have you tried the usual format and reload?
    If you use cloud apps like Google Docs, Drive, GMail, etc.
    The after each format and reload you only need to re-install Chrome and then log in.
    Microsoft Cloud? How much of a success was MS Office 365?

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    Try scanning for system file issues first:
    Then, to fix metro apps try:

    These usually fix most issues. If all this fails, restore from a backup or worst-case go to Settings Recovery and choose one of those options.

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