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Thread: Dignify Therapeutics Receives $3.1 million in NIH Awards for Bladder, Bowel*Therapy

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    Exclamation Dignify Therapeutics Receives $3.1 million in NIH Awards for Bladder, Bowel*Therapy

    Dignify Therapeutics LLC, a drug development company focused on restoring bladder and bowel control to people with spinal injury, spina bifida, and other neurological conditions, received three NIH SBIR/STTR grants in the third quarter totaling $3.1 million.


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    Thanks for posting this! We've wanted this for decades!

    Dignify is developing novel pharmaceutical treatments for bladder and bowel dysfunction which will significantly improve the quality of life for individuals who rely on bladder catheters and bowel programs for voiding. The Company estimates the worldwide market potential for DTI-100 for people with spinal cord injury will be approximately $400 million annually.

    Hmmm ...

    ... Dignify Therapeutics’ mission is to provide safe, effective, practical and convenient, “on-demand” pharmaceutical agents to treat bladder and bowel voiding dysfunctions, using a repositioning strategy of drug discovery that the team has successfully implemented multiple times over the last 20 years in the fields of urology and gastroenterology.

    I wonder what that looks like?
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