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Thread: Nurse and others: Baclofen pump on right or left side?

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    Nurse and others: Baclofen pump on right or left side?

    I can only sleep on my back or right side due to a crooked left hip from earlier years of MS when I was walking with a swinging gait (in chair for past three years). I've had rough bowel issues for 15 years and have been working on establishing a bowel program the past few month pre-pump surgery but regardless, any bowel stuff involves leaning to the left obviously. The prospect of elective colostomy is also a possibility long term as I'm only 52 and my life has already been revolving around poop for 15 years and can't imagine that getting anything other than worse. My BP has just resulted in a thrombosed hemorrhoid which burst on Friday in conjunction w having my primary diagnose it. In light of all of this, any advice on whether to put the pump on my right or left side? Thank you.

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    According to this article - showing anatomy - the ascending colon is on the right - stool is more acidic and liquid
    the descending colon is on the left - stool is firmer, less acidic,p07727/


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    Yes, I had read that best place for colostomy is on the left. Can they both go on left? In light of that, sleeping position (can you sleep on side with pump?), etc, any recommendations? I am right handed.

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    Yes, they can! They usually put it on the right but it can be placed on the left. But you can sleep on the pump but it is better not to do so for long lengths of time. The pump is under your skin and so is the catheter. It takes 2-4 weeks for incision to heal and it may be tender for up to 3 months.

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