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Thread: mechanical lifts (ie not powered by electricity)

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    from the office of useless information: president Roosevelt, who lived just up the road from Poukipsie where the elevator was built, had (still there) a nearly identical unit in his estate in New Hyde Park.

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    An old aquaintence bought an older Victorian home in Malden Mass prior to 1970. it had a water powered elevator, that lifted an platform lift to the second floor. It used the hydraulic head of city supplied water pushed on a piston, no electric power. This is somewhat similar to the lifts used in the old service stations which operated on air and/or hydraulic pressure to lift the automobile for under the vehicle service. They were all quite slow.

    Building officials have very limited authority over what is installed in a "private" residences by the owner of that property. But, anything installed by a so called professional or licensed installer or builder must comply with certified or accepted professional practices.

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