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Thread: mechanical lifts (ie not powered by electricity)

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    from the office of useless information: president Roosevelt, who lived just up the road from Poukipsie where the elevator was built, had (still there) a nearly identical unit in his estate in New Hyde Park.

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    An old aquaintence bought an older Victorian home in Malden Mass prior to 1970. it had a water powered elevator, that lifted an platform lift to the second floor. It used the hydraulic head of city supplied water pushed on a piston, no electric power. This is somewhat similar to the lifts used in the old service stations which operated on air and/or hydraulic pressure to lift the automobile for under the vehicle service. They were all quite slow.

    Building officials have very limited authority over what is installed in a "private" residences by the owner of that property. But, anything installed by a so called professional or licensed installer or builder must comply with certified or accepted professional practices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutley View Post
    What is a capstan?
    In an elevator, the capstan is the horizontal drum around which the cables are wrapped. The cables have a counterweight on the other end to keep them tight and reduce the amount of work required.

    The capstan is at the top of the lift shaft and cables are wrapped around it and go to the lift car and the counterweight.

    To put the capstan in the car would have cables attached to the top of the shaft, wrap around capstan in the car, go through a pulley at top of shaft and then down to counter weight. This would reduce the amount of effort required to move the car.

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