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Thread: Replacing My Invacare TDX-SP

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    Replacing My Invacare TDX-SP

    My Invacare TDX-SP, mid wheel drive chair, with a Jay Deep Contour back and tilt in space is 7 years old. Soon, it will need a new back, new tires, new casters, and new batteries. Medicare will replace a Class III wheelchair every 5 years and in cases where a lot of work needs to be done to a chair, they prefer to replace the chair rather than these components.

    I've had 2 Class III power chairs. Both have been Invacare. My first was an Action Arrow Storm Series with GB (gearless/brushless) motors, rear wheel drive. That chair and my current Invacae TDX-SP were purchased under private pay insurance. I'd like to hear about your Class III power chair. Likes, dislikes, reliability. What back system do you use?

    Any tips you can pass along about dealing with medicare would be greatly appreciated.

    All the best,
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    I just got a Quickie QM-710 delivered to me on Monday. It's a group 3 mid-wheel drive power chair that's a mid-wheel drive power chair like the Invacare TDX. Since I'm just starting out with it. I can say I love it so far. It makes me sit up higher than in my old rear wheel drive power chair, and it has the expandable controller on it. So, that in the future. If I need power seating as an add on. I won't have to get a whole new power chair. The ride is very smooth, and going over bumps in the sidewalk with it was smooth. It has the Spider-Trac 2.0 suspension system. I use a Jay Focus Point back with a Stimulite Contoured XS cushion.

    Because my disability is a complex case. I was not eligible to have Medicare pay for my new power chair. Even though my primary insurance is going to cover most of the cost. But, after my seating specialist, and myself pulled a few strings. I still got the power chair, and I am happy.

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