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Thread: Looking for the right chair

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    I have done a bit of searching and here is one place I found with message boards...
    I am NOT running you off This site has a vast amount of resources for a wheelchair user. Understand that it is like everything else in this world, some are here to help all they can, others-not so much. If you have any questions and are trying to educate yourself to be knowledgeable when choosing a chair, stick around and read the chair threads and/or continue to ask questions.

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    That Icon is worth considering. It is priced at a significant discount and can be easily adapted to all your stated use cases. Also, don't be quick to discount seeing a seating specialist. Their expertise goes far beyond helping people with paralysis/issues with sensation. Especially with navigating the insurance requirements of medical necessity.
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    You should be working with a DME firm that understands how to use your history of upper extremity dislocations and documented connective tissue disorder to work with your clinician to justify the right chair for you, and you should be in contact with a case manager at your plan (ask to get one if you don't have one) to grease the skids for that order. I would question if you should be self-propelling at all, and it appears that many EDS pts have a power chair, if you look at the society Web page and also Google. You may also want to contact the National Marfan Foundation as they are larger, include EDS and likewise have members in power chairs. Even if you end up in a manual, you would still likely need an alternative propulsion method, e.g. lever and/or power-assist, to reduce your risk.

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    Wow thank you all so, so much for all of your advice! You made a rough week much better, I didn't think I'd get many replies at all. I contacted the seller of the icon chair and am really hoping that works out, but if not you guys gave me some amazing advice and I'll use it to try and find my first chair!!

    CapnGimp especially haha you rock. I'm scheduling an appointment with my GP soon so hopefully I can get that prescription. I will be studying the threads here to learn as much as I can about fitting and everything else I need to know! The EDS message board looks promising.

    Thanks @Robotnik for pointing me to that chair! Not surprisingly, at such a low price, someone else bought it before I had a chance to.
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    Thank you again to everyone who responded! You gave me a wealth of information. Looks like I have lots of research and learning to do about this- it's comforting to know there's a place I can go for answers

    All the best!!

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    I live in Canada. The poorest people in Canada can get some really nice chairs through Welfare, essentially everything medical is free with a medical justification from a doctor. Those that aren't poor enough to be on Welfare, have gotten chairs through non profit groups like the Knights of Columbus, the Rotary Club or the Shriners. There is also, fundraisers through churches that I've seen work if you belong to a church. Acquaintances have raised money through friends and family donations through Facebook. In fact, my niece's ex-husband raised $10000 in Facebook to pay for hotel and living expenses for him to be near his son in the Intensive Care Unit in a hospital a few hours away from our home town. When my great nephew died, there was money lots of money left over to pay for the funeral service. None of his friends or family are rich but each one donating the few bucks they can afford can add up to a sum that can make a difference.

    I've also heard of one of the soft drink companies donating a wheelchair in exchange for pop can opening tabs. (You need a huge amount of them though.) Lastly, in Canada you can plead your tough luck case to the MP (Minister of Parliament) for your riding (geographic political area), and these politicians can sometimes help. I'm wondering if the US and your local Congressperson (the equivalent of our MP I think) might offer that type of service to a well deserving voter like yourself in exchange for some good PR. It can't hurt to look into some of these options.

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