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Thread: Traveling to Vegas

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    Once you figure out your needs and what accommodations you need, accessible room, roll in shower etc talk so the reservation center and ask them what other needs they provide. Some of us are ok in a standard room some of us need a full blown room with lift.

    If you book through a 3rd party company make sure to call the hotel direct and ask for front desk and confirm your reservation and needs.

    All major hotels in Las Vegas have shower chairs at no charge house keeping can bring them to your room at check in.

    If you dont have to travel with all that extra luggage dont, rentals are avil most deliver and pick up as the hotel who there DME that handles there property.

    Once you land at LV Mccarran airport follow the signs above to taxis. They are cheaper and faster then shuttle buses. Once at the taxi line there will be a sheriff directing traffic let him or her know you need a wheelchair cab, depending on how busy at most 10-15 min tops.

    Make sure you tell the cab driver you went the direct route to your hotel. We have had drivers once in a while take us the scenic routes?

    Once in town you can use the Rtc Deuce but when busy it can be a challenge getting them to stop to load.

    Cab worked best for us fast and simple. We dont recommend the Monorail its hard to get from the back of the stations to the front of the hotels and to $$

    Lots to see and do and all shows have wheelchair access and if you do some searching you can find discounts for up to 50% off

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    Dont be afraid to ask for house keeping to remove some of the furniture to give you more room to move around if needed.

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    Do you know what hotel your staying at?

    The front desk can tell you who handles there wheelchair power chair rentals.

    Also a shower bench shower chair same thing just longer the hotel can tell you bench or chair.

    If it makes you more comfortable call the hotel ask for the day manager and tell them your concerns and have them go up and take pictures of the room and bathroom and email them to you.

    Only we can tell if a room will really work for us.

    Shuttles have a lot of people to drop off so taxis are much faster cost is the same.

    $16-25 for strip hotels NYNY MGM on the closer to airport Trump hotel, Stratosphere are father away cost more to get to.

    If cost is important you can use RTC Wax bus from airport

    We are able to not always use a accessible room as my Wife can help me from my power chair to the toilet then back in my chair to tub we use a shower chair and she can help me on and off.

    Rooms with roll in showers have built in shower benches.

    Also if you use dial a ride in your home city you can use it in Las Vegas as a visitor you just need to get preaproved 2 weeks in advance with a letter from your dial a ride to Las Vegas Rtc

    Its a lot cheaper then cabs!

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    Vegas is the most wheelchair accessible place I've been in my life, although anywhere out there in the desert (Las Vegas, LA, etc) seems to be full of dust that dirties my hands up pretty good.

    Anywho, take my experience for what it's worth, I get around pretty good and I'm like maybe 130 pounds so I've got a pretty narrow chair. That being said I've stayed in maybe 6 or 7 hotels over the years in vegas, from Motel 6 to the cheaper hotels on the strip (monte carlo, that one on the other side of luxor that I forget) and I pretty much never request an accessible room ahead of time. The "nonaccessible" rooms on the strip still tend to have pretty large bathrooms and doors big enough that you could get a reasonably wide chair through (a door smaller than 26" would be surprising to me, but it could happen).

    You can rent a car at the airport (though you have to take a shuttle/bus to the car rental spot so I don't really see the point). There are a boatload of roll in wheelchair taxis, but taxis are expensive. If you're not afraid to break down your chair (or ask the driver to) uber is a good option. I'd definitely stay on the strip, downtown can be sketchy in places, and the strip is a whole lot more fun. That being said, watch out, all of the hotels on the strip get you with a "resort fee" of $20 or more per night which they generally don't quote in the initial price you see.

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    Never been to Las Vegas. Are you better off booking a hotel through some place like Expedia or Trivago or calling a hotel directly to get room rates or doesn't it matter? I would think if you need DME equipment that calling hotel directly might be best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnaz View Post
    Never been to Las Vegas. Are you better off booking a hotel through some place like Expedia or Trivago or calling a hotel directly to get room rates or doesn't it matter? I would think if you need DME equipment that calling hotel directly might be best.
    Everyone price matches so find the best rate then call the hotel direct and have them price match.

    When you book direct and need special needs less chance of problems.

    Plus we have seen third parties over book so many times leaving people stranded!

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