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Thread: Take-Along Lift

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    Take-Along Lift

    I personally own this and thought I would share for others with similar needs.

    First of all it stores fast and easily. It stores compactly in one piece. It is light for transport if needed.

    One of the most comfortable lift situations I have experienced. No power necessary, as it used a simple top crank geared for ease. The gear lifting mechanism reminds me of a trailer jacks method of operation.

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    We actually had one of these for my fact we were allowed to be testers for the prototype, taking it on a trans-Pacific cruise. We later bought one after the manufacturer made our recommended changes in design/function. A couple of cautions:

    • It does not pick you up from a supine (laying down in bed) position. You must first be manually positioned seated on the side of the bed, and able to maintain this short sitting position while the lift sling/straps are applied. This was OK for my mother initially, but as her MS progressed it became more and more difficult. It also (obviously) does not return you to the supine position when transferring back to bed, and you must be able to maintain the seated position (balance, etc.) while the slings/straps are removed and the lift rolled away.
    • It must fit under the bed, do will not work as a device for transfer in/out of a platform bed or tub.
    • It cannot be used to pick you up from the floor if you should fall.
    • The leg straps/sling can be difficult to get into place, esp. if you are not a light-weight person.
    • Obviously, you cannot use it independently.
    • It can be VERY difficult to roll when a person is in it on carpet; it really needs to be tile or other hard surface.

    I made a canvas type case for it too, as it really needs to be protected to check it on the airlines. We also removed the crank handle and replaced it with a block of wood with a handle that we screwed in place to make pulling it through airports and on/off ships easier. It is heavy to lift into a trunk as well.

    We have discussed this here before, and in fact after my mother passed away, I sold hers through our Equipment and Services forum.


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