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    Child on lap

    I have a 4 year old that loves to ride up and down the road on my lap, is there a weight at with she will be too heavy for my thigh?
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    I stopped around that age. Lots of factors to consider. Do you have tone in the muscles of your upper leg? My paralysis in that area is flaccid, tone only in lower legs, and my thigh muscles are badly atrophied. Only takes a dozen or so pounds to break a healthy, unsupported, femur. Given our tendency for osteopenia/porosus, and lack of muscle tone, I'd stop at that age/weight.
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    I would just put a cushion for more even weight distribution under her. I have had osteoporosis for years and every now and then ladies/dates would sit in my lap for a little while. After the first one didn't cause a break( I was very worried about hearing leg bones go snap!), I quit worrying after that. I say use a cushion to protect your skin from breakdown also, if she stays there for lengthy periods. I carry heavy weight in my lap around the house often and when shopping with a crate/carry tote in grocery stores, it weighs more than a kid that young does.

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