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Thread: 24" Spinergy LX Wheels (Used)

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    I recently replaced my backup wheel-set with a new pair. I feel like 3 sets is pushing my sense of reasonable so I am selling my used set. I'm asking for $650.00 (wheels, tires, handrims) OBO. If there are parts you don't need or want aside from the wheel hubs I price it out as follows:

    24" Spinergy LX Hub $500.00 (retails at 835.50/pair) - Good condition, no dents, etc. However, my puppy gnawed on a couple spokes so there are little teeth marks on parts but it is superficial damage to the colored plastic not to the spoke itself but the integrity is fine.

    24X1 Schwalbe Rightrun Tires $35.00 (retails at 70.00/pair) - 1 month of use.

    24" Q-Grip Handrim $115.00 (retails at 232.50/pair) - the rubber coating has seen its last days. I used them till I literally had to cut off sections that would begin to hang-off. The aluminum is fine. The handrim is set at 0.5" from the hub.

    I also have the Tilite axles pins that fit to these wheels (pictured). I would be open to selling them if needed.

    Feel free to ask any questions.



    I can't seem to decrease the jpg files size enough to attach the photos but if you email me I can send you the photos I took of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by juniorsenior View Post
    what color
    Yellow spokes.

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