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Thread: Life change needed

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    You can always volunteer somewhere like helping kids at school or anything you choose. You get to pick the days and hours you want to be there and don't lose any benefits you may not be able to get back later. I've worked with kids from Primary to post graduate school. My favorite was primary/elementary students. Your being in a chair makes no difference to them. It tough to be sad and depressed around kids loving you and accepting you as you are.

    You have choices. Volunteer, work in a menial job or go back to college and get a good high paying job.

    Pity parties are okay; we need to grieve every once in a while. This is what makes this forum so valuable. We're here to support each other when we feel lost and kick each others ass a bit when needed. You have a lot to handle and choices to make; a sounding board such as here helps define those choices. Best advice I can offer is to get out of the house and do something, anything. You have the choice of defining who you are and what you want to do.

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    I agree with Patrick, find a volunteer situation that gets you out and around others not related to you. You would be in denial not to have some "down" periods. Maybe Lynnifer could move in and be your life coach.

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    Do you have any interest in taking some college classes? Something that you are interested in? This is where you will find others with similar passions. You need to just get out there! Oh, and maybe get rid of the relatives!��

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    I'm all about Lynnifer moveing in it would be a Pleasure from what i have now. A bad family vibe living with me now. In all seriousness I am looking to broaden my horizons. I went through a bad spell and am coming out the other side with a couple of unexpected results. I think being in a wheelchair combined with the unrelenting pain you feel all over in areas you can't even move, chips away your sanity. Lynnifer You will be welcome I have a huge role in shower and probably access to another caregiver. We could be two wheelchairs in a pod. The public transportation here where I live is barely tolerable but the medical transport rocks. So Lynnifer come on down.

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    I agree. The first thing I would do would be to get rid of your leach relatives. Why do you feel any obligation to keep them living with you when they do nothing in return for free rent??

    Then find a reason to get out of bed and out of the house daily. Volunteering or taking classes, joining clubs, etc. can be a great way to keep your mind functioning, and help others out at the same time. Setting goals, or having something you have to keep a commitment for is a great way to give some purpose to your life.


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