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I hadn't even thought of that. I know EMTs are under rules (in USA) so that they save lives no matter the situation. I believe theres a legal form where even 911/EMT assistance can be cancelled but it has to be signed and ready otherwise they do all they can.

Leaving someone to die at the accident would be an almost impossible one to make legal I think. Maybe a solo car crash with zero collateral damage? Hard to say. Just hard to imagine EMTs agreeing, taking a seat, and just calling the coroner. Right circumstances though, to me, the right to be left alone should stand.
yes most people don't think of that unfortunately. I believe in a developed country everyone should be in the system when it comes to medical care, so the ENT can take you to the hospital but once you get to the hospital and go through the system, if you made a DNR about specific conditions you don't want to live with it should pop up first thing for the hospital//doctors to see right away so they can let you die with your integrity and principles un hindered.

I also think if someone explicitly begs to multiple witnesses to be left alone, they should leave the man the fuck alone! It's pretty easy to assess the gravity of such a situation, but the person in the broken basically dying body will know it right quick!