do you guys ever get annoyed and fed up, usually on a day where nerve pain and other complications are really fucking bad and you're listening to some able-bodied whether it's someone you know or not complain about trivial problems that used to bother you? We still deal with them, but now you look at them in your life and you just wonder how you ever got so worked up about something so meaningless. The kind of problems that are temporary, even the bigger ones you're basically forget about it in a few months. Like repleted leaving whining about money issues when all they have to worry about his normal expenses like cell phones, rent etc when you got to pay for all that plus A ridiculous amount for caregiving and medical supplies; and because you don't have enough money you have to Live within somebody else's work schedule because you can't get yourself in bed or can't do anything yourself.

I fight with my parents all the time, I'm more than willing for them to just leave and be free of it having a little bit more freedom is not worth listening to the bitching. But I don't want to leave, or whatever reason they have guilt as bad as they think they have it they're not willing to walk away! At the same time if I wasn't living with my mother I would not be able to get my diet, i'd have to be in bed by 10 every night and up by nine every day even on weekends,. And stupidly I have really long hair so the one "luxury" or in quadriplegic life "addition" ( addition as in it's not the basics about care, showering, basic cooking, necessary minimum cleaning, getting dressed and situated outside of those things if you can't do it yourself unless you have over $8000 to spend a month you don't get to do it the rest your life, and there's a number of things I'd like to be doing ) I have is The protocol I do for my hair I have a full head but my father as bald as a bat so just as a preventative and anxiety I look after it I don't take the normal dangerous drugs so many guys take to help it tho, it sounds gay as hell and it is but I care about physical appearance as much as I care about physical superiority strength of all kinds etc. I just know the way the world works is presentable people, good looking are taken more seriously and when you are severely disabled I find it to be your only saving grace. But again I'm honestly prepared to just shave it and accept a massive deduction in freedom and quality of life for them to be free and not deal with the fighting. I won't be able to follow through with my plans as I won't be able to do the intense protocol to help reverse osteoporosis as well as many other things so I wouldn't really have much of a reason to live because I wouldn't be able to do what I need to do to get ready for treatment/settlement. FYI for those guys that don't know me don't waste your time telling me why don't you go to school or that crap; with my function as limited as it is Fully dependent to a pathetic extent that is not remotely on the radar thank you though that's not self-pity that's just my decision I love made that decision basically two months after the injuryand I will never falter from it. But just to establish at the same time i'm obviously prepared for that I would deal with the much more limited lifestyle, until I reach for settlement and then I'll go onto the next life leaving the money behind. That's the main concern as I believe I can reverse osteoporosis, and in fact I think with the second settlement provided the funds I can help progress research a little bit to substantially, as that's my only goal in life it's my only option which means I'am willing to put all cards on the table. I digress

Anyways I'm sure you guys see it all the time, I realized from my own personal experience and other people with injuries as bad as mine or worse real problems in this life are permanent, The kind of things you don't even get a 10 minutes smoke break from it every second of every day, and it impacts every single aspect of life. Those are real problems, so I have a real hard time finding people that are whineing about how boring their job is, money problems, broke up with girlfriend, finding a new job etc. I'll play the part that someone I don't get to see i'm not going to shame them , Then they just think you miserable bitter gimp haha. But in my head as bad as they think they have it, all I'm thinking is just wow what a luxurious lifestyle for that to be your main problem.

And then when people mope around, constantly whining to the point where it's hindersom again it's over something that even if it is kind of a "big deal" like breaking up with a girlfriend, losing a job it's temporary whether we want to realize that or not it is it won't fucking matter in a few monthsand even in those first few months you're not going to be hindered by it and reminded of it every three seconds like paralysis, nerve pain, full body spasticity,or any other horrible disease etc. And honestly I remember what I was like before, I was ignorant I feel sorry for myself for retarded things crashing my car well only getting a few scratches on myself, not having money, having to work, girl troubles etc. literal jokes I look back at those now and those are luxuries not problems, and I realize the mistake it is to even waste your energy and time whining about something that has no real impact other than what you make of it. It's not going to impact every aspect of your life, it's not going to constantly make you wither away and sick no matter what you do in and out of doctors appointments that can help you or even give ya a solid answer.

It's like people that whine about "chronic" Back pain or something like that when they can feel their entire body, be doing stretches and changing their lifestyle and it actually having a majorly positive impact, but they don't they choose to sit around rather than stand up and stretch choose to cook and eat shit rather then using that luxurious function to cook healthy and continue to bitch about it. It truly was a luxury to be that ignorant, I remember.?

vent over god I write too much whatever read it if you wish, some of you may be able to resonate without a doubt