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Ok, epic fail. Nobody has successfully regenerated a spinal cord for cure. The disclosure I read on the bottom black footer of every page on their website says

100% of all donations fund life-changing spinal cord research projects


(which is apparently why they have funded 137 SCI projects) Hopefully your favorite projects will apply for future funding.

Does Wings for Life provide rehabilitation or care to people directly affected by spinal cord injury?

The goal of Wings for Life is to cure spinal cord injury. To do so, the foundation concentrates on supporting research only. All funds raised are 100% dedicated to this purpose. Providing day-to-day help and care to helping people affected by spinal cord injury is also very important, but there are a number of other excellent charities that provide those services.


How your donation is spent

100% of your donation will go to the most promising research projects around the world to help regenerate the injured spinal cord.

My "favourites" doesn't matter, but the aim do.
Well well, I think the medium made the discussion sound more harsh than it was, keep blogging!