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Thread: Eldorado Mobility Van

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    Eldorado Mobility Van

    We been at this awhile but always fullsize vans. We would like to down size from our 2003 Sprinter Passenger Model 140" Wheelbase with the SuperHighRoof with Ricon KlearVue Commerical lift in rear doors.
    Locally not much choice: for years 2 dealerships/shops that carry Braun, VMI. Found recently there is a new dealership/shop which is new to me and never heard of before a Amerivan from Eldorado Mobility Van.
    I sit high is my chair due to way my body is made so want plenty headroom.
    Will be 2 powerchairs onboard a great deal of time.
    Need good ground clearance due to rural living.
    Least amount of breakdowns due to distance to shops coupled with older age/health issues make travel rough on us.
    So far:
    We like to go with a Toyota Sienna:
    Only one we have had Demo of VMI with Northstar 360 for taller interior height.

    Found there's a new dealer/shop in OKC that has Eldorado Amerivan. Seems they have 56" door height and 61" center of van interior height and 60 1/2" at driver's position.
    The lady we talked with said they have their own shop and hence do in house repairs.
    They are willing to bring model and conversion out to our home to Demo

    Did a "Search" here and found 3 threads concerning Eldorado. Believe only 1 person purchased one among those threads, possible I'm wrong.
    Hoping to get feedback about:
    VMI Northstar 360 Access, especially in floor ramp.
    Eldorado Amerivan anything, info/advice reviews etc.

    "Thank you!" I appreciate any info/advice. We never had MiniVan so this is all new to me.

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    I guess it will all come down to your dealer.

    imho: It might be the best van built today especially if your in a area where rust is a problem.

    There are many nice features specific to there conversions.

    We've been selling and servicing them since around 2006 or 2007

    Jim, MA, MMET
    Bridgewater, MA

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    "Thank you!" for the reply. I appreciate the information and the conversion's quality against rust.
    Dealer wise our independent lift shop we used for over 20 something years recently was bought by a company and we have not had but basic service/adjustments to current lift with shop sale and none of original techs are there any longer, which IMHO is bothersome. We noticed a used Amerivan on their inventory and done search which lead to following plus a member on another forum bought up this conversion, too. So it peaked our interest.
    The dealership with Eldorado Amerivan conversions is rather new shop that we had never heard of til last week and only contact was our recent visit. None of sales people were available. But, they have called to setup appointment to bring model we interested in to our home.
    Good part is we are in no big hurry and if minivans don't pan out have located a new Transit in size and height that will fit our parking situation that will just require a lift to be installed.
    "Thank you!"

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    We demoed acouple new MiniVans but had sticker shock on prices.

    Dealership Salesperson bought over a used mini van:

    2014 Dodge Carvan SXT with 34K miles that has a Eldorado Amerivan 14" Conversion.
    Price seems a bit high at $38K even with new accessible conversion.

    I looked up on NADA for van value from rough trade-in to clean retail with mileage inculded in estimate: Rough Trade-in of $13,175 to Clean retail of $18,400.
    Van the Salesperson says has a extended warranty in place of 1 year or 12K miles.

    The handicap conversion is new with 3 year warranty on that section which Salesperson says is $24K. That consists of a 14" dropped floor from firewall to just shy of rear axle with stainless steel flooring covered with vinyl. A Power ramp 31" wide by 54" lenght. Power door for ramp side is enlarged to match dropped floor and clear entry width of 33". Kneeling system is air bags.

    Since we have never had a MiniVan and only had full size vans with hightops we usually just have a Ricon Wheelchair lift installed. Last new lift, cost installed $4,500 was in 2003 when bought current Sprinter van.
    Checked going price on new Ricon Lifts and got quoted $8,000 at 2 of 3 Lift Shops in our area. Part of that is they said will be required to add to standard flooring, why I don't know.

    Does this amount for a 2014 accessibe MiniVan seem about right or high?
    Again, Thank you!" for any advice/information. BTW: I appreciate your tolerance of my posting this type of add-on to Oringal Topic.

    "Thank you!"

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