We did get something and if I have the chance I will put up a picture of it. It is a silicone .. uh, not sure how to describe it. I think it might be meant for baking. It is about 2 inches high and about 9 across. My gf found a paper plate size that fits inside it perfectly. The silicone is sticky so it doesn't slide at all on my food tray. That is great. Years of chasing my food around. It's pretty easy to wash. To give it some firmness, it has a hard plastic ring that fits on the outside under the rim. That pops out easy for washing too.

The sides are high enough that I think I could spill a big jar or bottle and it would all stay inside. I am curious about all thing silicone now because of the softness but also the grip. I am the king of dropping things. In my more frustrated times I have considered just leaving everything on the floor because that is where they were going to end up anyway. Anything that helps me with my goofiness is a gift. If we can, I would like to go to Bed Bath and Beyond to see all their silicone stuff. I really don't like the store because of the crowds and it seems I see more handicap placards in that parking lot than any other, ahem, but it seems like the best place to check out what's available. I recommend silicone, it's been really great and I have noticed everyday since I got it how it's helping.