Always a new adventure, I found myself in a food avalanche this morning with cashew butter. Still cleaning up.

My girlfriend wanted me to try cashew butter and got me a jar. It's the Trader Joes stuff, not processed. This means the oil is on top and the whole thing pretty runny, like soup, even after you stir it up. In my powerchair I had my food tray on my lap with the jar of butter (top off) and everything else and I must have leaned back or forward, I don't know, it was all a runny blur. Catastrophe. The jar tipped and fell on the tray, on my left leg, on to my cushion and stopped stuck in the side of my frame but still dripping some cashew butter on the floor too.

It was on my shirt, shorts, arms, fingers and enjoying it's freedom from the jar, still spreading.

Use a wheelchair and turn anything simple into a theater production. What a clean up!

I am interested in food tray recommendations. I am using a restaurant style servers tray and it has a good grip and a lip but I have spilled waaay too many times. Anyone have ideas on food trays that have compartments or something that helps keep a bowl in the center and a drink from rolling over when I move the chair? I already use that spongy cabinet grippy stuff to keep things from sliding but I want to figure out if there is a way to move with things and keep them from tipping over on the tray. I keep my seat tilted so the tray isn't really flat, so I start with that handicap but if I also shift in my seat or god forbid move from one room to another, the spill gremlins are tenting their fingers.

So, anyone think they have a way to keep cashew butter, soup, water ... from going rogue?

Off to the laundry now to move this morning from the washer to the dryer. My Roho, scrubbed, is drying by the window.

A new doctor asked me what I do with my days. They have no idea.