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Thread: looking for inexpensive weight pulley machine

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    looking for inexpensive weight pulley machine

    came across this and can't find a similar product. Appreciate any suggestions for a product like this. Thank you

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    Parts of that look homemade. At least the front caster fork bolted to the overhead joist.
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    many diy ideas come to mind, including using a bike hoist.

    Look at this, search gym in craigslist for sale category.


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    Thank you so much for posting this. The main thing I'm trying to work on right now is finding a way to do lat pull downs and letting the weight pull my arms over my head since I don't have that movement but hope to train it. And rows, I can pull back and hoping the weight to pull my arms forward since my left arm is limited. My concern is there a not too difficult way to adjust the height on this?

    I found this on their site too: http://valorfitness-com.3dcartstores...ion_p_459.html a very reasonabe price. Thoughts?

    Thank you again

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