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Thread: How deep a pool for aquatherapy?

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    How deep a pool for aquatherapy?

    Just got baclofen pump and have ALOT of work to do. Seems aquatherapy is the way to go. How deep should the water be on my body? I have MS, lower extremity weakness, few steps w assistance. Someone is selling used indoor swimming current pool, 39" deep. Guessing that'd be about waist. Seems like should be chest deep?

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    Depends on what you want to do. For standing and walking 3-4 ft is good. Having a deep pool / deep end is great too because you can hang on a noodle and do legs movements without touching bottom. For a wheelchair user a deep end is great to hang on a noodle and just let your body decompress from always sitting. My inground pool goes from 3 1/2' to 7' deep end. I do both. First get in, I hold wall with left hand and take steps going towards deep end. Do it a few times, then just standing for little while. Then I hang on noodle in deep end and "walk" without touching bottom, do knee ups, whatever I can. After that I just hang and relax and have fun. Whatever you get is better than no pool at all. GL
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    just built a pool for this 3.5 ft to 5.5 ft .i walk a little with a walker. in pool with noodles i can walk all over deep end feels so good and great to build stamina etc

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    Where does the water hit on your body for walking? Seeing you're in Canada, you did something indoors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheri View Post
    Where does the water hit on your body for walking? Seeing you're in Canada, you did something indoors?
    That depends on your height compared to water depth.
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    Right. I mean where do I want it to hit for proper support for walking? Then I can determine proper depth for my pool.

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