Hi folks. It's been a while.

Re-introduction: C6, nearly complete, injured in 1980. Been living in the Philippines for around ten years.

I've been having 2 or 3 UTIs per year for 36 years. I did have a multi-year hiatus in there, somewhere, using methenamine.

Long story short, I'm colonized with e. coli resistant to everything except gentamicin, chloramphenicol and carbapenems. Yikes!!

I'm saving carbapenems in case of emergency, like sepsis. Gentamicin is hard on the kidneys and chloramphenicol is a real killer.

So, I ordered phages from http://www.phagetherapycenter.com . They arrived yesterday, afternoon. After only two doses my urine is clearing up, already.

I had been going through hell, thought I would be dead in a year or two for sure.

Now, I feel alive!!

If you're running out of options or even just running out of oral options then begin studying bacteriophages. You'll be glad you did!