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Thread: EZ lock dying?

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    I know a 83 yr. old quad whose EZ lock did the same thing as yours. Once, going up a hill, his came unlocked and he rolled to the back of his van. It started to roll backwards and thankfully rolled into a ditch just before going thru an intersection. He was going slow and was not hurt.

    It was a used van and lock so it may have been worn or not adjusted right. Needless to say, he drives it as little as possible and went back to his old lift van but has to use manual chair instead and needs to transfer into the drivers seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Automotive Innovations View Post
    Is the Ez-Lock used with a power or manual wheelchair?

    If it happens again try moving or powering the wheelchair forward right after hitting the EzLock button.

    Sometime the wheelchair sits back against the locking mechanism binding it.

    yeah I know that move but that wasn't the problem tis time.

    power chair

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