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Thread: DME / Medical supply companies review & questions

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    DME / Medical supply companies review & questions

    Hello fellow care cure members,

    Would you please take the time to tell me. What's most important to you when choosing your supplier for your medical supply needs. Is it product knowledge, fast delivery, free shipping? Do you take the time to read the reviews on their level of service? Also if you could please share some of your horror stories. If you want to post the company's name it's all up to you. Maybe you can even share some positive stories about great service you have received. I appreciate your reading and thanks in advance for taking the time to share. Sincerely, Nick Mireles

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    dependability, I use a personal friend that has a small dedicated base.........he's also a quad, so he knows how important it is to keep my caths coming on time.....

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    Thanks airart1, I agree dependability is number one for me. I am a T-10 para myself and running out of cath's not good at all. I have to reuse and almost always get a UTI.

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    I got into this club when you HAD to clean/reuse your caths, I was issued 6 when I left rehab. I spent more time over the stove 'cooking' my caths than I did cooking food. I paid 60 bucks for those few caths, a box of surgilube packets and a box of gloves. Flabbergasted isn't the word.
    My number one concern is COST. I know what I am looking for, and smart enough to order ahead of time and shipping cost is part of COST. If someone fails to deliver said product in a timely fashion, I go elsewhere. No mistakes allowed. I have worked in varied fields/vocations where failure is unacceptable. So I give no quarter to folks who work in essentially a shipping and receiving field that you can train a monkey to do reliably. Sounds harsh, but I live in the real world, not the disneyland that today's shallow world has become. I see between the lines to the final cost that I pay for said product. All the sales inducement gimmicks have no effect on me. When I open my creaky, dusty, spiderweb covered wallet, the less photos of dead presidents I have to remove from my collection...THAT is what endears my affections toward a company.

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    Now that's a true grit honest answer I was hoping for. Thanks for your reply Capn. I also used to re clean my caths. I am post 24 years injury T-10. To be honest it's a toss up with my customers. Between fast delivery and price of product. Most of us have been ordering supplies for years. We are smart enough to order ahead of time. To make sure you receive them on time. However I have several customers that always wait tell last minute. Then order and say ok I will be out in a day or two. Which is typically not a problem anyways. Most all my urological orders arrive in 1 to 2 days anyways. I really appreciate your feedback. It helps me be a better company and focus on concerns and needs of my customers. Hope to hear some more feedback.

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    I like my supplier because I never hear from them, nor do they expect to hear from me. The UPS truck just dumps off a shipment once a month. The prior supplier got 'fired' because of some offensive questioning via relentless calls (of which management there admitted that my insurance didn't require, but they just lumped all customers into the interrogation bin to make it easy for them). Random unannounced substitutions which were basically unworkable for me were thrown in there as well. Sometimes the smaller operations like my current one are so much better than large well-known operators.

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    My major concern is cost and then shipping. My insurance doesn't pay for catheters so this is coming out of pocket. Where ever I get the best deal they have my business.

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    Great feed back much appreciated. Andy I agree the smaller companies seem to offer the best customer service. I used to work for one of the online giants for 10 years. Allegro Medical great company when it started out then got to big. Their pricing is top tier from suppliers. Simple because of volume which drives down the price. So smaller companies with higher tier pricing. Still have to offer at the same low cost. Just to compete, but have to excel in customer service. I can't believe how many customers have to pay out of pocket for catheters.

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    That is the great Affordable Care Act. You are required to have health insurance and they cannot deny you but they won't cover many things which ends up costing the customer to pay out of pocket for supplies.
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    For out-of-pocket supplies I use Express Medical almost exclusively. Excellent, coherent English speaking (spare my political correctness) will sales representatives, relatively low threshold for free delivery, timely delivery, and virtually a perfect record of error-free order filling.

    For my Medicare catheter program I use Duke medical. It is disturbing how much these companies bill Medicare for catheters compared to what we can get it on our own. Unfortunately, I do not have much inclination to research other companies for how much they would charge Medicare. The quality of the Duke medical service mirrors that of Express Medical mentioned above. Absolutely nothing to complain about.

    The big issues now I'm dealing with are whether to continue with my present DME for my second power chair. Ordering catheters from any one of 100 companies in the US is one thing, ordering a $25,000 chair from only one of two or three DME companies my area is another.

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