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Thread: Odd symptoms

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    Odd symptoms

    This started two days ago with some pain behind my jaw below my ears that started before bed and was gone in the morning but replaced with vertigo whenever I sit up or lie down. I'm assuming both are indicative of an ear infection of some sort but I have no ear pain. It seemed quite manageable until I had an accident at pt yesterday - something that is very rare for me.

    Any ideas? No fever. No nausea. Just fatigue, vertigo and that one incident at PT.
    The vertigo and fatigue continues today but nothing else. Not sure if I should see my doc or not.

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    yes see your doctor any new vertigo and fatigue could be signs of infection or something else.
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    Yes, get it checked out. I get vertigo when a seasonal allergy acts up. However I have no pain and the problem is quickly resolved with Allegra. Good luck. Vertigo is awful.
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    You can have benign paroxysmal positional vertigo without an infection and without any apparent cause. When I had it it was really fatiguing and my body just kind of got wonkier and wonkier. I wasn't sick, I was just spinny and exhausted.

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