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Thread: The easy way to carry your stuff

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    The easy way to carry your stuff

    Hi Everyone, I'm now 34 years SCI and with so much experience of using a chair it would be a waste not to do something good with it. Now I design products that I hope will make wheelchair life a bit easier. I have just designed and launched wheelchair luggage which is a dedicated luggage system for wheelchair use. It can be used for carrying shopping, groceries, parcels and of course for travel.

    It is a two bag system, main luggage and hold luggage that clip together for easy transportation. The system connects to the bar on the back of rigid frame wheelchairs (I'm working on adapters for folding chairs)

    This isn't like a trailer, it becomes a weight bearing extension of the chair and turns as if it were part of your chair. Not like towing a caravan that will jackknife if you go backwards and prevent you turning on the spot. Wheelchair luggage turns with you, the chair can even still wheelie to go up kerbs and over bumps. Even with a heavy load it won't tip you chair back as it carries the weight itself.

    For me travel has become so much easier, no longer do I worry how I'm going to move my stuff myself. Now I can get my own luggage from the car into the airport and collect it at arrivals and be on my way. I don't need to wait for someone to come and help at the hotel or the car rental drop off. I even use it to cary my shopping. Check it out here and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions

    I have launched wheelchair luggage on Kickstarter where it can be pre-ordered at a discounted price and shipped Worldwide.
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    I like ur chair good concept

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    Wheelchair luggage

    Designed by 34 year SCI Andrew Slorance this is the first and only luggage system for wheelchair use. It carries all the weight itself so your chair won't tip back and it won't compromise your ability, you can even still wheelie the chair to go over curbs with it attached. Fits most rigid frame wheelchairs.
    It is available to pre-order on Kickstarter for the next few days before the pre-order window closes.

    More videos here:
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    The response to the new luggage for wheelchair use has been awesome. We have only six days left before the pre-ordering closes so if your interested take a look now
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