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Thread: Urinary tract infections from masturbation

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    Urinary tract infections from masturbation

    I am a C-5/6 quadriplegic with a suprapubic catheter and have been having chronic urinary tract infections this past year. I recently started getting back more sensation in my penis and have been masturbating on a regular basis. I am very diligent about cleaning myself and my catheter before and afterwards. I'm wondering if it's possible that any bacteria might be getting in through my urethra? My doctor doesn't seem to think that this would be a cause for getting the infections. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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    Bacteria can dwell deep inside the prostate gland and your "activity" could introduce the bacteria into the urethra. Might ask to go on antibiotics for an extended period, say 10 days to 2 weeks.

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    Over manipulation of the catheter, including excessive cleaning or anything that causes the catheter to "piston" in and out of the stoma is a major risk factor for increased UTIs. I agree with the post above too about being evaluated for possible prostatitis, which can harbor bacteria that may be released when you ejaculate.


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    This is a valid question. I've read about the lack of ejaculation and prostate issues. Is there benefits to having a urologist drain it on a monthly basis??
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    Many have retro ejaculation or just prostate secretion- sometimes all that sediment/white stuff in urine is prostatic fluid or semen, not an infection. But anything in urethra should not be going back in to the bladder. The urethra is not sterile.

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    yes possible retrograde ejaculate going into the bladder? and thereby causing uti

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    Thank you for your concern over manipulation of a catheter. Are usually put a waterproof Band-Aid over the opening as she not get any type of fluid inside the stoma. I'm also very diligent about cleaning the catheter before and after any sexual play. I did ask my doctor about prostatitis he thought that could be a possibility. He said at the infections do not begin to clear up we may do 4 to 8 weeks of antibiotics. Yikes! I am also currently really increasing all probiotics, colloidal silver and drinking a strong tea made of ginger, cinnamon garlic apple cider vinegar and honey.

    Any other suggestions you might have about how to naturally boost my immune system and bladder health so that I can fight off these infections would be most helpful. Thank you so much!

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    Beware of colloidal silver. I almost died after using it 10 years ago.

    I hope you can eliminate the UTIs, so you can enjoy the gift that keeps on giving

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