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Thread: Invacare MA95Z mattress experiences?

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    Invacare MA95Z mattress experiences?


    I'm probably going to be replacing my broken Invacare Turn-Q Plus mattress with an MA95Z very soon, but before I do, was wondering if anyone had any experiences with the MA95Z they would share, positive and negative, general impressions and things they didn't expect.

    At the moment, I think it will probably do a better job at pressure relief and lung secretion mobility than the Turn-Q Plus, but I'm worried about the side bolsters which seem to inflate higher than the rest of the mattress, and could pose a problem for urine drainage into a bedside bag, and might get in the way of range of motion exercises.

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    I have one and I love it. No problem with night bag or stretching exercises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WheelDon View Post
    I have one and I love it. No problem with night bag or stretching exercises.
    Thanks for the feedback!

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