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Thread: permobil chairs

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    Test drove the F3 and the M 300 today, albeit briefly, inside and out, in and out of my vehicle. Like any demo, it will not be what my chair will be, so it is very hard to decide which one may be better. My seating clinic/therapist and their associated DME dealer seem to only push those two models for someone like me, long-term quad who needs tilt/recline/elevating foot rests.

    I just don't know whether there are any other brands out there which may be better, such as Invacare that will be covered by Medicare. The majority of "seating specialists" and their DME colleagues leave a lot to be desired in terms of knowledge and follow-up service. People I deal with do seem to have experience and their service isn't bad, though they do seem to have a bit of a passive aggressive attitude once you seem to get a little more "involved" in the selection process, or in my case, once the first chair they got you didn't work out and you want to be extra careful with the second chair, given the expense and time frame required to keep a chair, typically five years.

    If I want the brand other than Permobil, I will have to go to some other source and burn my bridge with these folks, something I am hesitant to do unless I am absolutely sure of what I want, which I'm not.

    So, does anyone have any opinion on chairs other than Permobil? Or any worth considering?

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    I have had 2 Invacare chairs. The first one was an Arrow Storm series with gearless-brushless (GB) motors (rear wheel drive). I used it for 10 years. I don't believe Invacare makes a chair with GB motors, now. My current one is an Invacare TDX-SP (mid wheel drive). I've had it for 7 years. Other than having to replace batteries at standard intervals, arm rest pads that wear out frequently, and a tiller that was replaced under a recall, I've had pretty good luck and been satisfied with them.

    The Arrow Storm had some suspension and was a pretty comfortable ride. The TDX-SP ride is ROUGH, it has zero suspension. I find that the TDX-SP is easier to maneuver into my van and tie down.

    All that said, I'm not hard on my chairs. I don't really challenge them to go long distances or on rough terrain.

    All the best,

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    Who is your ins co? I'm on united healthcare Medicare advantage now but will switch to bc bs of Illinois primary w original Medicare as of Jan 1. Wondering how to strategize. I NEED it for spasticity, hip pain and bowel function, but have heard Medicare just says NO regardless.

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    Had the M300 for an entire day for a demo. Have a C300 front-wheel-drive for the past 5 1/2 years. Definitely was easier to drive on the open road at speed to keep in a straight line. Was also easier to turn in tight quarters as was to be expected, such as inside a vehicle.

    Also of note was the better driving visibility due to the shorter wheelbase which got me closer to the windshield and those able to see the upper 20% or so which I cannot do now. Also easier on both arms being a bit closer even though I have steering column extensions.

    The only downside which I don't anticipate being a problem is that I hit a rough soft spot on my lawn which bogged it down and which has never been a problem in the front wheel. If I did go with this I would simply rectify this area on my lawn with some paving stones. But I see how having the larger wheel up front to climb up and over obstacles can be a benefit.

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