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Thread: Treatment of a paralyzed vocal cord: medialization laryngoplasty?

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    Treatment of a paralyzed vocal cord: medialization laryngoplasty?

    One of my vocal cords was paralyzed when they fused my C4-5-6 vertebrae after injury 16 years ago. That left me with a breathy, weak voice and tricky swallowing. I was just told by an ENT surgeon about medialization laryngoplasty. It involves fitting an implant to the paralyzed cord so that it meets the healthy cord in the middle. Supposedly, the procedure improves voice strength, coughing ability and reduces aspiration.

    I was shocked that I hadn't heard about this years ago. I'd appreciate hearing about any experiences with this procedure.


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    Anyone out there have this done? I will let the experts sound off before I do.


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