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Thread: Exo-Glove Poly (Seoul National University)

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    Exo-Glove Poly (Seoul National University)


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    Wow this is very productive, at least a step in the right direction. I've been looking for the perfect device that can be used after a treatment to help functionally stimulate hand function. I feel like this kind of technology mixed with proper functional electrostimulation adjustable with the right frequency would be amazing. This company is officially on my radar, it looks like it's fairly new so they would potentially be able to incorporate adjustments modify your own device for a price of course. I don't know if you've used bioness h200 but so far that's been the best product for hand rehabilitation, which is depressing again it's a small step in the right direction but the functional electric stimulation is not fast enough, and it doesn't have a mechanical movement like the bike I believe technology like this could change that.

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