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Thread: Headeset Mouse With Bite Click

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    Quote Originally Posted by greggtwep16 View Post
    I did find this awesome video

    I can see from that setup that about at least 60 percent of games would be covered. He uses the head mouse with the sip/puff and I can't tell if there is any other hardware he's using. Sip/puff looks like it would give you 2 actions for games which he's mapped to fire/reload. More complex games would need more actions since a modern controller has 4 face buttons, 4 shoulder buttons, 2 joysticks, and 2 clicks on the joystick and some games actually use them all.

    For power programs the tons of hotkeys would be the same and 2 actions is better than 1 or 0 but for those users I would think they would need closer to 20. Voice is the only thing I can think of that could come close, I'll have to look into that a bit more. While dwelling can make it possible any number of actions, it really slows things down because you spend time moving the head mouse for every action. When these combine they really add up.
    That is way above me. I will stick with my simple setup.

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    Bong and defrost is BlueTooth, not USB. Some people don't like putting microwave transmitters on their heads. Seems simple enough to use if you can get glasses on your face.

    Sorry about bad 80s movie reference.

    Was on this junk science show so microwaves must be completely safe.

    I have been exposed to loads of heat, HV, RF, IR, X-rays, etc. and I'm okay apart from skin sloughing off my finger tips. I may have done several life times wear and tear coding estimating, purchasing and job cost software in just one week.

    However, our company has policy of purchasing wired telephone headsets by default.

    We also purchase wired input devices for PeeCees and Macs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HACKNSACK44 View Post
    That is way above me. I will stick with my simple setup.
    As you should, obviously for casual uses there is no need for any of that it's all overkill. Sorry for derailing the thread I was just trying to get feedback from those that used various devices (like glassouse or smartnav) and was approaching it from a little different perspective. Most people have no need for any of that and clearly smartnav or glassouse plus dwell clicker 2 would be enough for web browsing.

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