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Thread: Quad-friendly CPAP machines or fixes?

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    Quad-friendly CPAP machines or fixes?

    Does such a thing exist? One where the mask or nose piece can be removed by someone with limited hand usage?

    Years ago I stopped using CPAP because I could not pry the thing off of my own face. (The tech thought it no big whup.) I'll be going into a new machine this week. I'd like to know how any of you handle your CPAP's, so I can go to my appointment with some foreknowledge and specific questions. Thanks!

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    Thanks! Maybe I can loop a plastic zip tie off of one side of this, to use as a handle.

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    I'm not a quad but I love my cpap and my OT helped me get it set up, so here goes: I have a resmed autosense 10 - it's about the size of a clock radio - small and light and basically aliens and also it turns itself on and off based on whether the mask is on my face (or something) without my needing to mess with buttons which - yay, very convenient and no insane blowing whistling noise. I have a small mask (the Phillips wisp) which was originally set up with zip ties into the piece that goes over the head so that I could just yank it off without having to mess with threading my ponytail through and also had a little thing assembled of zip ties and tape and twist-ties that made it so that the mask could stay on but the air hose would come off and then turn off the machine. I wound up not needing either of those things so I have no pictures, but zip-ties, twist-ties and getting the right headpiece for the breathing mask should make it do-able. The trickiest part for me was getting a good headpiece that didn't have to be readjusted and re-fit all the time, and that was a matter of trial and error. IME the sleep lab and respiratory therapy people were really really helpful and basically loaned me a bunch to try until I found one that worked.

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    Thanks for your help, everyone!


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    Absolutely try masks until you get to the one that feels right (BTW, if your head gets hot, the parachute cloth Sleepweaver Advance nasal mask is worth a look). Then if the release on the headgear is too fiddly/twist-tie too awkward, a third way to disconnect is to use a plastic quick-release adapter between the hose and mask. You don't have to push the adapter in all the way, and you can use the bed or your chest as a leverage point since the adapter sits in the center of the mask.

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    Thanks to all who replied! My response is very late because I forgot my password. I now have an OT who has agreed to work with me on this issue. Update coming…

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    Let us know what you come up with.
    Good luck!
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