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Thread: side opening oven?

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    side opening oven?

    I have a JennAire side opening oven that I need to replace soon because I can no longer get parts for it. It's 25 yrs old and has been GREAT!!! I need another side opening so I can get right up to it and open the door. It's about impossible to find them and I can't imagine why. They're so convenient! Has anyone bought one in the last couple of years? Where? Thanks!!

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    the Fridgadaire was the only one I found when we did the kitchen almost 4 years ago.
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    I have a Gaggenau, a little older than this, mine is four years old

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    wow bente, that looks like it should be showing the latest movies.

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    I would offer a few caveats regarding side opening ovens. First, whom ever installs the ovens must get the levels spot on so that the door does not have a tendency to close by itself (on to whomever is in front of the oven putting something in or taking something out. Second, I would not install a side opening oven in a location that does not allow full or nearly full 180° opening of the door. In our kitchen, the oven is next to a wall and you would only be able to open the door to 90° and I think having a very hot door in that close proximity to the "operator" would be dangerous.

    Here are a few other options:
    Side Opening Door ovens

    French Door Ovens

    Wonder if this is in production:

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    Gee thanks all for the results! Emi2, I'd found the Frigidaire one online, but it wouldn't fit my space. I guess that's something I failed to mention. Our kitchen cabinets are custom and the current oven sits below my microwave and above a large drawer for pots. I can just reach ALL of these spaces the way they are, but most ovens are too high to fit without having to change the other stuff. My current oven is very deep but only 21" high and 24" wide. The Gaggenu is a little smaller and might work. Thanks woman from Europe! gjnl, I hadn't thought of french doors! I'll look at these more carefully. Thanks all! I guess I'm faced with the possibility that I might have to rearrange things. I have it so perfect now, reaching everything.

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    I´ve got one from gaggenau as well.
    whatever you end up with make sure to get one with slide out/telescopic rails, makes it so much easier to put things in and out of it.

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    Ever since I saw and answered your post, I have been trying to find an oven like one we looked at when we remodeled our kitchen. Finally today I remembered it was a Miele oven with a "lift door." This door works with a slight pull out and push up. Thought if there is a size that will work for you, you might also consider this one.

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    I have the Frigidaire side-opening model. It works well. My only issue is that it is smaller than I'm used to. Can't roast a turkey and sweet potatoes at the same time. At my age, I'd be facing downsizing anyhow and oven size would be an issue. LOVE being able to get so close to oven contents!
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    Here is a link to a side-opening oven.

    It appears that this particular oven would need to be shipped from Australia.

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