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Thread: Simple refrigerator hack

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    Simple refrigerator hack

    I have been looking at fridges for quite a while. Accessibility features like pull outs and such just do not work well for me.

    You might say I rely on what I can fit on a few shelves on the door during the daytime.

    This cab be limiting, especially with a narrow side by side unit.

    I found that some fridges have gallon size door bins as opposed to half gallon bins.

    I am thinking that by retrofitting with the deeper bins I can sore more in the most accessible area for me.

    Of course you need to make sure it fits with no obstruction.

    Original size ____________________Gallon size

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    Also consider "cabinet depth" refrigerators. They are the same width and height, but shallower from front to back so they line up with your counters and kitchen cabinets. Much easier to reach things in the back of each shelf and freezer drawer (esp. if you are going with a freezer on the bottom). A little more expensive though. I bought mine at Sears Outlet for a significant discount because of a dinge on the side that is against the wall anyway.


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