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Thread: What is your response to kids that ask about your chair?

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    What is your response to kids that ask about your chair?

    I've was injured almost 5 years ago (T6 complete), and every time a small child (say 3-7 yr old) asks me why I'm in a wheelchair (which isn't that often) I go blank, and then fumble my way through an explaination of why my legs don't work that is probably over their heads. I'm hesitant to tell them I broke my back, or got hurt, etc. because I don't want them to think if they ever get injured they aren't going to be able to walk again. So, how do y'all explain it to a kid, on their level (short and sweet)?

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    "I didn't listen to my mommy."

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    I usually say, "I didn't eat all the veggies off my plate."
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    "I'm just lazy."

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    Veggies and milk ... consume them. lol
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    "My legs don't work." I think anything more is too much to understand at that age. Last year I had an experience, the first time ever in 67 years of paralysis and wheelchair use. While shopping, a mother with her small son approached me and she asked if it was ok if she explained the wheelchair to him. She did so very short and to the point while he sweetly looked on. I don't have kids, but love it when parents take the time to explain curious things that a child might be anxious about.

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    Since I did have an accident that has caused the eventual use of a chair. I do explain in great detail why I use a Powered chair; not necessarily the accident, unless I am asked. You would not believe just how intelligent, and inquisitive some kids even at an early age are! Talking over their heads, is anathema to me. They know when you are avoiding telling the truth, or BSing them. Be straightforward with them with parental permission of course.

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    I am asked all the time from young children. I just say, i was hurt in a construction accident, I fell. I hurt my back and my legs don't work anymore. so I need a wheelchair. Mom or Dad is embarrassed. I say dont worry, kids ask me all the time. we either keep talking or go about our business.

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    Same as lynnifer, Mister why you in the wheelchair. Because I didn't eat my vegetables.

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    I try to be factual. To be funny or sarcastic is not good with kids.
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