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Thread: What is your response to kids that ask about your chair?

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    I have been asked that 1000 times at least. I find that people that are actually older ask a lot more dumb and private questions. I usually tell the adults some lie, especially if I have no clue who they are. If it is a young kid I try to tell them it was just an accident. Most of them don't even see the wheelchair. They asked me why I wear wrist splints. I find that hilarious. My favorite response that I have come up with is this, "I fell out of a sex swing, but don't worry she is all right."
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    Mine was a MVA so I tell them it's because I didn't wear my seatbelt!

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    Quote Originally Posted by air ohs View Post
    LMAO ( wood )
    Uh huh huh, she said wood.

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    My five year old granddaughter would love your "I don't want to!" leg response. When she asks me why I use the chair (which she's done from time to time as she gets older) I just say I hurt my back and now my legs won't work, so my chair is like my new legs. The latest picture she drew for me shows me with a large rectangular band-aid overlapping the sides of one of my stick legs. It's hilarious.

    Children are so wonderfully curious and accepting. So sad we can't say the same for most of us adults (me included, at times, I suppose).

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    When I lived in Lorain there was a small elementary school behind my home where I would go to vote. One day I went to vote and class must have just let out and all the boys and girls were in the hallway.

    On my way to the library to vote a little 5 year old boy is walking next to me and says, "Mister! Why are you in a wheelchair?"

    I had to think quick. Do I tell him the medical term way or simple words way? I went with the simple words so he'd understand.

    I said to him, "I was in a car accident and I broke my neck."

    He turned to me and said, "Uh-uh!" [Sounds: ]

    I was left speechless!

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    This question is not easy for me. My immediate trigger for the current situation is as I have stated, the prolonged bedrest due to the broken hip and the spinal block. But the underlying reason is my genetic disease. We won't know if it gets passed on to future generations until it shows up or not. What I almost always say to to adults about my paralysis is that I picked the wrong parents. I can't say that to my grand kids, and have yet to answer their questions. Why are you in a wheelchair? Why don't you walk?
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    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Since my leg was amputated in the accident that caused my paralysis, I give the appearance of being in a wheelchair due to missing a leg. This isn't the case, of course. If I weren't paralyzed, I would be running up and down the street with a prosthetic. But one little girl who visited her relative at a nursing home (with her Mother) did ask me, "What happened to your leg?" Like everyone else here, I gave it my best to give an age-appropriate, yet satisfying, answer. (Car hit me.) The little girl must have enjoyed all the attention, because, to my chagrin, she asked the SAME question every single time she saw me for the next YEAR. (Sad face)
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    Sometimes. . . when it's an inappropriate person asking (read: an adult). . .I put on my best 1000 yard stare and say "ninjas *long pause* so many ninjas. . . we lot a lot of good men that day."

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