I can imagine that the air cells moving might be a problem for some people with the Vicair cushions.

Although them moving a little is not a problem for my husband, we did have a problem yesterday. We ordered a 6cm x 40cm x 45cm (2.36" x 15.74" x 17.71") cushion for his 16" x 18" ADI seat base that we have fold-down carbon fiber sideguards on. When he transferred into his chair from the car the sideguard got caught under his hip and because the cushion is lower, squishier and a bit smaller than his other was he was partially sitting on it. Neither of us realized it because he does not have sensation on that side, but luckily he seems okay. Possibly I should have gone up a size on the width to 43cm (16.92"), which we will think about before the trial period is up in about another week.

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I tried the vicair it just didnt fit my need the air cells moved to easy on me. i don't know if i am any help.