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Thread: Internal Hemorrhoids

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    Internal Hemorrhoids

    So I do a bowel program daily using digital stimulation. But lately I've been bleeding quite a bit. Obviously the harder the stool the more I bleed. When is too much blood something to worry about?

    I use hemorrhoid cream.
    I bleed more with a certain nurse. Actually thinking she may be the problem but she's my only current option.
    My Oxybutinin pill comes out as a shell in my stool. I use to have a smaller pill but changed manufacturers because they weren't working very good. So they are now 4 times the size but actually work.
    I don't bleed during the day but some days I can fill the shower bucket with a thin layer of blood.

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    Could it be something more than an internal hemorrhoid?

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    Yes, that is possible. You need to see a good colorectal surgeon, most likely to have a sigmoidoscopy (or perhaps a colonoscopy), and if hemorrhoids are a problem, treatment for them.


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    You can explore trying series of monthly sclerosing injections. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. But it's a reasonable option before considering anything more invasive. If the physician decides you are a candidate you should do your bowel care the night before, or even better, the morning of the office visit so your rectal vault (the very last segment) is empty. You will need someone to help you up on the table if you cannot transfer. At the very least bring a sliding board.

    The proctologist can do an anoscope to see what is going on lower down in the office. Again, before your first visit should make sure your bowel is empty lower down. He will not be able to see more than a few inches up in the office. He will probably recommend a baseline colonoscopy depending upon your age to make sure nothing else is going on.

    I have second degree prolapsing hemorrhoids which probably are causing me substantial neurogenic pain in my pelvis but it cannot be determined for sure. He said given my situation with the need for digital stimulation and removal of stool that he would not recommend any surgical treatment at this time unless it got substantially worse.

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