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Thread: When to seek second opinion

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    When to seek second opinion

    I am 40 years plus post incomplete T5 SCI female. As result of incision and drainage surgery for perianal abcess, I have a 2cm x2cmx2cm R Ischial wound. Surgery was 11/14, wound vac 4 months, up on butt, wound reopened, on bed rest wound vac again since 11/15 to present. The wound was smaller and shallower but debriding has enlarged it. My wound doc seems competent is plastic surgeon and director of wound clinic in Colorado Springs. My concern is that I am now 2 yrs out with this wound (he has only been treating me this past year) and really no discussion about a flap, more aggressive TX such as hyperbaric, electrical stimulation etc. Just the vac and complete bed rest. I have put myself on high protein, vitamins, juven etc. because I want this to heal, obviously. Do I find a second opinion bc doc seems to be treating this simply by vac? The wound is clean, healthy, but progress is slow, despite my efforts. Craig is in Denver, but I was told by nurse line there that they do not see outpt if open wound present. Should I seek other opinion, medical care? One issue is that I don't know where/who I would go to in CO for this. Any input appreciated.
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