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    I just received my new Tilite Aero Z and I love it. It is my first rigid chair and I was wondering what types of Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and yearly maintenance do I need to do to keep it in great shape?

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    Pics if you can; we love pics!

    The AeroZ was my first chair; I loved it, too. Now I have a TR, which I love even more because I was able to adjust my AeroZ to fit me, then base all my TR measurements on my adjusted-to-fit AeroZ.

    IMO the number one maintenance item on all chairs is caster bearings. When the chair is brand new, free spin your casters, and observe how well they spin. Every month or so free spin them again comparing the spin to when they were brand new/clean. Caster bearings&axles get hair/string/yarn wrapped around them slowing them down and making your chair less friendly to maneuver. When the spin deteriorates significantly, you will want to clean them.

    Because the AeroZ is adjustable, things may move a bit (become out of adjustment). When it's new, make sure all fasteners are snug (factory assemblers are not perfect.) Then shake the chair in varying ways to observe what normal is like at its fastened joints. When the chair is about a week old, shake it again to find loosening fasteners. If any have worked loose, consider using threadlocker on them when you snug them back down. thereafter every so often (e.g., month) shake the chair again, and look around for loose fasteners.

    When it doesn't track straight anymore, check your forks' angles, your rear-wheel toe, and the trueness of your footrest adjustment. Footrest maladjustment also causes floating casters.

    My AeroZ1 was a fabulous workhorse: very reliable. Just expect minor readjusting now and then. The only things to watch for IMO are loose fasteners and dirty caster bearings and axles.

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    Thank you so much!

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